ANNOUNCE: NSBD (Not-So-Bad Distribution) 1.0 
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 ANNOUNCE: NSBD (Not-So-Bad Distribution) 1.0

NSBD 1.0, the first non-beta version is now officially released.

NSBD, Not-So-Bad Distribution, is an open WWW-based authenticating software
distribution system.  NSBD adds two basic things to simple web downloads:
it authenticates maintainers of packages with digital signatures so users
can trust where the packages come from, and it supplies a means of checking
for updates to the packages and automatically downloading and installing
the updates.  This "automated pull" style of distribution has the same effect
as the "push" style of distribution that is being given press lately, but
gives more control to the user (a "push" style is also supported that is
not used as frequently).  NSBD uses "Pretty Good(Tm) Privacy" (PGP(Tm)) for
authentication.  NSBD's focus is on security, leaving as much control as
practical in the users' hands.  The single NSBD program handles the
operations done by both maintainers of packages and users of packages.

NSBD is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public
License.  Binaries are available for a variety of Unix platforms, and the
source code is also available.  It is written TCL/TK and C.  It is portable
to most Unix platforms, and it shouldn't be too difficult to port it to
PC-Windows (any volunteers to help?).

For more information see

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