Patch to Tk 3.6 listbox to allow non-contiguous selections 
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 Patch to Tk 3.6 listbox to allow non-contiguous selections

The patch described in the following README was put in harbor's incoming
yesterday.  It should eventualy migrate to puc/tcl/extensions.  For the
impatient, the exact name of the patch is MListbox-patch.


MListbox-patch patches Tk 3.6 to enable non-contiguous selections in a
listbox.  MListbox-patch is a patch to the original Tk 3.6 sources.  The
patch alters the following files:


After applying the patches you will need to do a make install.

To get an understanding of the bindings read the man page and look at the
class bindings in tk.tcl.  The bindings are somewhat arbitrary, though I did
try to make them sensible.

Non-contiguous selection ability is off by default.  In order to enable this
enhancement you need to do

        <widget> configure -multipleselections 1

or create the widget with

        listbox <widget> -multipleselections 1

A value of 0 selects the traditional behaviour, anything else selects the
enhanced behaviour.

The listbox test fails a number of times bue to slightly different semantics
in selection manipulation.  Your existing programs *should* not break.  If
they do, please let me know.  Remember, you can undo the patches with patch -R.

Please send me mail with any suggestions or problems.

-multipleselections toggle and bringing things up to 3.6!

Fri, 12 Jul 1996 01:10:35 GMT  
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