NEEDED asymmetrical close for pipes/sockets 
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 NEEDED asymmetrical close for pipes/sockets

In Tcl, there are already two cases of bidirectional channels: sockets
and "r+" pipes. Both are OK, but in many cases you want to close the
write side (which sends an EOF to the input of the program/server), and
wait for what the program/server wants to say as a goodbye. But the Tcl
"close" command shuts both of them simultaneously.

The two situations are in fact slighly different:
- For pipes, there are actually two descriptors at the low level, so
it's not a big deal to keep them separate internally, in order to
implement the "half-close".
- For sockets, there is just one intrinsically bidirectional descriptor,
hence the shutdown() call. But since "shutdown()" is available with all
socket implementations, there's no problem either.

Suggestion for syntax: close [-r|-w] <channel>

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Fri, 11 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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