commands that don't expand their arguments 
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 commands that don't expand their arguments

Here's my problem.

I'm writing a piece of software with a command-driven syntax.  A typical
command might be

node_cap $1I17\$1I18\ABC[7] 9.6E-12

(the backslashes are really part of the argument - they're not being used
to escape anything).

Now, I'd like to use tcl as the main interpreter, for obvious flexibility
and not-reinventing-the-round-rolling-thing reasons.

However, if I passed that command to Tcl_Eval, the first argument would
be mangled by the interpreter, due to the backslashes, brackets, and
$'s.  The users will be chasing me out of town with pitchforks and
torches if I tell them to put braces around the first argument.

In lisp, you can specify that a function doesn't evaluate one or more of
its parameters (for example, setq is just a version of set that doesn't
evaluate ["quotes"] its first argument).  Does anyone have any suggestions
for doing the same or similar in tcl?

Hacking on the main input loop in my C program is acceptable.  Hacking
on Tcl_Eval (in the library) is not.  I'd like "source" to work with the
new command type, but I could live without it.

Send mail if possible, I will summarize responses.


P.S. I'm not using tk now, but I may want to integrate it in the future.

Tue, 11 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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