Tcl-DP executables for Windows platforms 
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 Tcl-DP executables for Windows platforms

Dear friends,
        I was wondering if you know any URL or FTP site that I can
download the latest (or at least one of the latest) version of Tcl-DP
for Windows systems (but not the binary or source versions). I'm
actually looking for the executable files (i.e. dpwish, etc.) and all
the necessary files to have the extension up and running at ones, as I
find it really difficult to understand the process of installation of an
extension (I'm basically a Windows programmer and most of the references
are referring in my opinion to experienced Unix users).

Yours truly,

P.S: I would appreciate if I receive an attachment with an already
installed version for Windows if a URL or FTP does not exist on the web
and someone has it already installed. Thank you very much in advance and
I'm looking forward for a reply!

P.S2: Does anyone know if the latest version of Tcl-DP for Windows can
handle the fileevent command properly?

Sat, 15 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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