TCL POLL: 2'nd day 
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 TCL POLL: 2'nd day

Hello everybody,

  Right now the 1'st Tcl POLL is on the road.
  The application will only be open for 1 day more


  everybody who read this message should poll

  to get really good data we need a couple of 100
  polls. Take a break and do the poll

  the results will be published to the community

PS: I wrote a generic poll server which can do
    a lot more than you see right now.

    If you are a maintainer of a package or need
    some input for your work please feel free
    to contact me.


  aotto :)

(C) Compiler-Factory, Dipl.-Ing Andreas Otto, Business Solutions

C, C++, Java, Tcl, Perl, HTML, DB, Sql, Shell, M4, GUI, Package

Mon, 02 Aug 2004 15:21:22 GMT  
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