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 Adding a button to a canv

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f5> Hi, The problem I seem to be having is this:
f5> I have a canvas widget in which i have drawn many lines, etc.  I want
f5> to place a button widget onto the canvas at a certain position.  Any idea
f5> on how to place this button, i've tried the -side, and -anchor options,
f5> but they do not do what I require.  Is there any way to position
f5> a widget in a canvas with coordinates (x and y positioning)?  Thanks in
f5> advance.
f5> Reg Sherwood


        canvas .c
        pack .c
        button .c.b
        .c create window $x $y -anchor nw -window .c.b

PS:  It is also posible to put text on the canvas, given it a non-flat
relief and give it button-like bindings and make is behave like to
button.  This latter has the advantage of being printable (.c postscript ...).
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