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 e4Graph 1.0a5


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e4Graph is a C++ and Tcl library that allows programs to store
graph-like data persistently and to access and manipulate that data
efficiently. With e4Graph, you can arrange your data in the most
natural form that reflects the relationships between its parts, rather
than having to force it into a table-like format. The e4Graph library
also allows you to concentrate on the relationships you want to
represent, and not on how to store them in a database. You can modify
data items, and add and remove connections and relationships between
pieces of data on the fly. e4Graph allows you to represent an
unlimited number of different connections between pieces of data, and
your program can selectively manipulate the data according to the
relationships it cares about, not having to know about other
connections represented in the data set.


For all changes, see: http://www.*-*-*.com/

Major changes: Markers are no longer supported as a storage entity;
instead, each storage has a distinguished root node. Nodes and
vertices are no longer explicitly deleted from a storage; instead,
they are detached from their containing entity or entities, and when
the user program no longer has a reference to the detached node or
vertex, the resources associated with this entity are automatically


This release requires Metakit 2.4.3, Tcl 8.3 and optionally Expat

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