COSH: A COM Shell for TCL 
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 COSH: A COM Shell for TCL

COSH:  A COM Shell for TCL running on Microsoft NT

COSH is a shell programm for TCL like WISH - in fact it *is* WISH with
the addition of a COM interface called ITclScript. Perhaps you could
call COSH the "COM version" of WISH.

For anyone involved in distributed processing on Microsoft NT
systems, COM is the first word in the vocabulary. With a COM-enabled
version of WISH, COM and TCL can work together quite happily and can
actually compliment each other in a couple of important respects.

Some points to note about COSH are:

    COSH differs from WISH in that it can be remotely started
    on any machine via a call to the WIN32 API "CoCreateInstance".
    It does this by implementing a COM "Class Factory"

    You can write in scripts at the COSH console, or you can pass in
    scripts for evaluation via the ITclScript interface. This lets you
    remote start plain-vanilla TCL shells and then pass in a bootstrap
    script for evaluation. This makes COSH a good wrapper programm for
    server-style scripts running in a distributed environment under NT.

    There is a separate version of COSH (coshd.exe) which is built on
    the standard IDispatch interface, so you can start and call into
    COSH instances from COM automation clients such as Visual Basic and
    Delphi. Thus in Visual Basic you could, for example, start a COM
    shell instance on any machine, then construct a Tcl script in a
    VB string variable and cause it to be evaluated in the remote COSH

    When programming components designed for things like  Microsoft
    Transaction Server or Active Directory Services, Microsoft has
    mandated that these be packaged as COM components. COSH (or an
    equivalent in-proc server, aka DLL) can function as a generic COM
    component and thus can leverage Tcl code directly into the Microsoft
    distributed processing mechanisms.

    It is also easy to install and use.


    Source and Binaries can be downloaded at


Good Luck!

o David Shepherd
o Independent Software Author
o T/F (+49) 7557 91015

o http://www.*-*-*.com/

Fri, 11 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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