Coolest Tk Screenshot Contest: Win ActiveTcl Pro Studio! 
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 Coolest Tk Screenshot Contest: Win ActiveTcl Pro Studio!

Reminder: Deadline is this week!

Submit the coolest Tk screenshot and win an ActiveTcl
Pro Studio membership, including Tcl Dev Kit, Komodo
Pro, Expect for Windows and Safari Bookshelf!

To enter, submit your best cross-platform Tk script
capable of being run on judges' machines. You must use
components provided in ActiveTcl. Applications can be
completely canned in content, but they have to run.
Existing apps are allowed.

Entries will be judged members of the Core Tcl Team on
the basis of complexity, originality and artistic
quality. The top two entries will each receive a
one-year subscription to ActiveTcl Pro Studio.

Enter the contest now:

Contest deadline is October 7, 2004. Winners will be
announced October 13 at the 11th Annual Tcl/Tk
Conference, and winning entries will be featured on
ActiveState's ASPN website.

ActiveTcl is available for download at:

For more info on the 11th Annual Tcl Conference, see:

Good luck!

The Tcl Team, ActiveState

Sat, 24 Mar 2007 08:35:17 GMT  
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