Q: Embedding Tcl/Tk into a C++ program 
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 Q: Embedding Tcl/Tk into a C++ program


        I'm building an application (a Tcl/Tk scriptable MUD) and would
like to embed the Tcl/Tk interpreter into it.  The program is to be
written with Borland C++ Builder.  (Can I do this with SWIG?  I don't
want my program to be a colection of functions)

        Incase I'm not clear, all I want to do is to have my program able
to execute Tcl/Tk scripts.

        How do I go about doing this?  I have dl'd the Tcl8.0 and Tk
source from Sun.

        Any help would be much appreciated. Reply by email is prefered.

Thank You,

Tim Bogdala

Sun, 19 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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