Tcl 8.0 BUG when creating invalid line in canvas 
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 Tcl 8.0 BUG when creating invalid line in canvas

I have encountered very strange behavoir in Tcl 8.0, both first release
and patchlevel p2.

This bug can be demotstrated which following short script:

canvas .c
pack .c
c create line 10 10

Large black circle apperars on the canvas (at least under Linux).
This bug doesn't appear in Tcl 7.6 p2 which eats such "lines" silently

Line of one point is obvoisly bug in script, but I suspect that correct
behavoir is either generate error or ignore invalid input.

There is another bug, probably related with dash patch.
It appears in both 7.6p2 and 8.0p2, but seems to absent in Tcl 8.0 without
dash patch.

This bug causes segmentation fault during canvas postscript command on
some invalid input. I suspect that it occurs when there are some lines
which has adjanced nodes with same coordinates, i.e.

c create line 10 10 20 20 20 20 30 30
                     ^^^^^ ^^^^^
but I was unable to shorten example to few lines. (Of course I don't wish
to post several megabytes of original data, which cause both errors).

I was able although get rid of this bug by filtering data file through
uniq, which effectively eliminates duplicate points with same coordinates.
I have tin news and pine mail...

Thu, 10 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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