status of TK_CONFIG_OBJS w/ Tk_ConfigureWidget 
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 status of TK_CONFIG_OBJS w/ Tk_ConfigureWidget

I'm in the process of converting some Tcl_CreateCommands() into
Tcl_CreateObjCommands().  A small show stopper is the usage of
Tk_ConfigureWidget(), which in the documented version still expects
char*argv[].  I know that there is Tk_SetOption(), but to get things
rolling I'd rather not change too much at the start if possible,

The 8.4 sources use the TK_CONFIG_OBJS flag to allow usage of the
Tcl_Obj*objv[] with Tk_ConfigureWidget.  I'm curious about the state
of the TK_CONFIG_OBJS flag.  It seems not to be documented anywhere
except on Google, and most probably this means it should not be used.
Does it?


Mon, 29 Sep 2008 05:40:30 GMT  
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