ANN: InstallBase 1.0a5 Released! 
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 ANN: InstallBase 1.0a5 Released!

Hot on the heels of alpha 4, the InstallBase Team has readied the
alpha 5 release for mass consumption.

This release is mainly to fix an install / builder error that was
occurring on platforms with a non-english locale. That has now been
fixed along with a few other, minor tweeks.

Please download the latest release and give it a spin. Installers
exist for the most common platforms, but the source .tgz file contains
everything necessary for the support platforms.

Downloads are available at:


Project Information

The project is hosted on SourceForge and can be reached at:


InstallBase MPI is a cross-platform installer and install builder
written in Tcl/Tk.  InstallBase is designed to create a software
delivery system that rivals commercial products currently on the

InstallBase Features:

* A full-featured install builder.
* Installs are packaged in single binary executables for each platform
  making web distribution easy.
* Features specific to Tcl/Tk software and programs.
* Support for multiple install themes.
* Default install themes that resemble popular, commercial installers.
* A high level of configurability.  Install panes can actually be
  modified right down to the Tcl/Tk code.
* Built-in support for Windows install conventions.
* Automatic creation of an uninstaller.
* Currently supported platforms:
    Solaris (sparc and x86)

Any feedback and bug reports would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

The InstallBase Team

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