can't pass environment vars using exec 
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 can't pass environment vars using exec


I am writing a tcl/tk app with several modules contained in seperate
files. Every file can be run as an independent program, no problem.

The trouble I'm having is that when I launch a tk script file from
another script using exec, the "child" script dies.  Seems it can't find
the library paths.  

I have tried setting the "tk_library" variable in each of the files
and this has no effect.  The "child" script doesn't have the env array
defined (I get nothing when I try to print it out), but the "parent"
script has no such problem.

The other "wierd" thing is that everything works great on my linux box,
but I get this problem on the HP735s at work.

I have been using the following code to launch my subprocess(es):

button .b <bunch -o- stuff> -command {exec ~/workspace.tcl $tk_library &}

I have tried alot of other things as well, but nothing seems to have
any effect (not even a bad effect :-) ).  

Any ideas, I'm fresh out.
Gregg Pulley                            "The first step toward global


Fri, 03 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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