TkSM 1.0b - A simple OpenGL based modeling extension 
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 TkSM 1.0b - A simple OpenGL based modeling extension

TkSM 1.0b is now available.  TkSM is a simple OpenGL-based 3D modeling
extension for Tcl7.4/Tk4.0.  This release fixes a few bugs, and adds texture-
mapping support for polygonal models.  For more information, please see the
introduction below and visit the web page at

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ihsu/tksm.html

-Irving Hsu


                                TkSM v1.0b

                        Copyright (c) 1995 Irving Hsu

TkSM is an OpenGL based 3D modeling extension for Tcl/Tk.  My goal in writing
TkSM is to provide a simple and relatively light-weight tool for displaying
polygon-based 3D models.  TkSM allows a user to define hierarchical models,
place groups of models into individual cells, and associate each cell with
one or more independent viewports through which the models may be viewed.
Two types of viewports are available: viewport widgets, and canvas viewport
items. Viewport widgets offer better performance for animation-oriented
applications, especially with hardware graphics support.  Althought canvas
viewport items may be slower in terms of rendering speed (due to their use of
off-screen pixmaps), they give the user the ability to super-impose text and
other canvas elements on top of rendered images and offer faster screen
refreshes of static scenes.

TkSM provides no direct access to OpenGL routines; to render a scene a user
will have to compose the scene with 3D models, which typically involves
specifying the model attributes (vertices, surfaces, colors, material
properties, etc.) and setting up a viewport with the appropriate projection
parameters.  If you are looking for an OpenGL widget with binding for each
OpenGL routine, or a 3D graphics widget with control over the low level
rendering details,  TkSM is not for you (check out EGR TIGER and the Generic 3D
Graphics Kernel,

However, if you are interested in doing some elementary 3D modeling in your
Tcl/Tk application, you may find TkSM to be of use.

Thu, 23 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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