ANNOUNCE: Eclipse 1.0 host/network monitor 
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 ANNOUNCE: Eclipse 1.0 host/network monitor

I have just released ECLIPSE 1.0 .  This is a free package that does
host and network monitoring using a web-based interface.  It has been in
production use for about half a year.  It requires vanilla tcl to

To find it, look in the neosoft archives.  I have uploaded it to and I expect it should appear in the
net portion of the archive.

If you find this useful or have any suggestions or improvements to it,

Readme follows :


ECLIPSE software package for host and network web-based monitoring
Copyright (c) 1997 John Willem van Gulik
Please see the file COPYING for full copyright notification and license


ECLIPSE was written to provide operations staff and system
administrators with a simple extensible tool to monitor the status of
multiple clients and network connections. All monitoring is done through
automatically generated WEB pages which have a refresh built into them.

All code is written in plain vanilla tcl and requires tcl version 7.5 or
better. It has been extensively tested and supported on the following
platforms : (SunOS 4.1.x, SOLARIS 2.x, AIX 3.2.5, AIX 4.x, and Linux).


This package has been built for maximum portability across all unix
platforms.  At the time of its release to the INTERNET, it has already
been in use for a few months and is currently monitoring over 50 clients
using 2 redundant servers.  It does not impose the kind of network load
that snmp based network tools can do.

It currently runs under SunOS 4.1.x and SOLARIS 2.x, AIX 3.2.x and AIX
4.x, HP UX (not sure of the OS version) as well as Linux.  Other
versions of unix should work as well as long as they have tcl7.5 and
tk4.1 or better.  They might require a little tweaking in the
ECLIPSE/bin/eclipse_client file though to set the correct path names for
required external binary programs.

External programs required by ECLIPSE programs

The programs require tcl7.5 as a minimum.  I have never tried it under
tcl7.4.  It has been tested with the newest tcl8.0 and it runs great.
If you have extensions, it will probably run as long as the underlying
tclsh is 7.5 or better.

Required unix utility programs are as follows :

file utilities  du df
process management ps


0. All the applications are expecting /usr/local/bin/tclsh to exist.  If
you have tcl installed in a different directory, all you need to do is
to either edit the first line of all the files under ECLIPSE/bin, or put
a link under /usr/local/bin that points to the tclsh binary.  As
mentioned before, this should be tcl7.5 or better.

1. Unpack the tar file under your home directory, /opt, /apps, or
/usr/local.  Each program when it starts up will look for the ECLIPSE
directory in these directories, in that order.  You can manually specify
where the distribution is located by setting the ECLIPSE environment

2. You will have to set up a server system first.  It should be running
some form of web server if you want to access the pages from a remote
system.  Edit the ECLIPSE/etc/server.s1 file and rename it to
server.whateveryourhostnameis.  Then edit the ECLIPSE/etc/config file
and change the server entries to whateveryourhostnameis.  Add your host
to the ECLIPSE/etc/hosts file as well as the ip addresses and names of
the client systems that you will want to monitor.

3. To install all the programs, just run the INSTALL script.  This will
puts links into /usr/local/bin for all the programs as well as set up
cron jobs that will run every 5 minutes.  If you want it installed
somewhere else, just modify the script.  If you just want to leave it in
its own directory, then add the TKAPPS/bin directory to your PATH and
set the TKAPPS environment variable to point to the TKAPPS directory
(wherever it is).

4. Last thing to do is to put a link to the ECLIPSE/www directory in
your html document root and name it eclipse.

5. Please drop me an email letting me know any suggestions or comments
you might have.  I would also be interested in hearing about any
modifications you might make to the code and if it fits in with the
plans I have for ECLIPSE, I'll put it in.

John van Gulik, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thu, 16 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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