Accessing Global variables/objects from C code in Tcl 8.0 
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 Accessing Global variables/objects from C code in Tcl 8.0

How can one create an integer Tcl object within C code (from C procedure


set a variable in the global namespace pointing to that object (from the
same C procedure "A")

Tcl_Obj *ptr1, *newValue;
newValue = Tcl_ObjSetVar2(interp, ptr1, NULL, Tcl_NewIntObj(2),

and then beeing able to retrieve the value of the variable, which is a
pointer to created object  (from the different C procedure "B")

Tcl_ObjGetVar2(interp, ptr1,NULL, TCL_GLOBAL_ONLY);

Whenever I tryto retrieve  variable value (i.e.pointer to the object) I
am crashing my application.
I suspect there is something wrong with setting global objects or
pointers to them ?

Andrei Oganessian

Tue, 16 Dec 2003 16:47:02 GMT  
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