writing GUI with the Tcl/Tk APIs 
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 writing GUI with the Tcl/Tk APIs


>I was wondering if anyone has written an application using
>the Tcl/Tk APIs instead of a script?  Do anyone have any feedback on
>doing this?  What are the benefits of using Tcl/Tk API versus
>Motif (for example).

Tcl/Tk scripting is much different than Tcl/Tk C API programming.
The C API is not as robust (not as many useful internals exposed)
as the scripting interface, which can make it more difficult to
do what you want.  Furthermore, it is a waste of time (really) and
goes against the philosophy of Tcl/Tk (you're just making it hard
on yourself).

There are tools that will allow you to write using the scripting
APIs and then wrap them up into C or one executable.  ET and the
tcl2c program that comes with the plus patches are a couple.  See
the Tcl FAQs for more info on these kind of programs.

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