Can't send a Control-C character! 
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 Can't send a Control-C character!


        I am trying to write a script that will log into another
machine via telnet.  The system that I am trying to log into is rather
strange in that I have to send a control-c after typing the log in
name instead of a return.  I have the following code to do this:

# open a connection
set afile [open {|telnet} r+ ]

This guy, obviously, spawns a telnet session which can be read from
and written to as a file.  I then have a procedure that watches for
a certain string (this part works...).  When it sees the string I
want to send a string followed by a control-c.  I have tried
all of the following to no avail:

        puts $afile "string\3"
        flush $afile

        puts -nonewline $afile "string\3"
        flush $afile

        puts -nonewline $afile "string"
        puts -nonewline $afile "\3"
        flush $afile

        puts $afile "string\3"
        flush $afile

        puts $afile "string"
        puts $afile "\3"
        flush $afile

        None of the above combinations seem to be working at all.  I
did a small test script that writes "\3" to a regular file on my machine
and the control-c characters do appear when I more that file...


Tue, 30 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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