e4Graph 1.0a7 released 
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 e4Graph 1.0a7 released

I am pleased to announce the 1.0a7 release of e4Graph, the seventh Alpha


e4Graph is a C++ library that allows programs to store graph-like data
persistently and to access and manipulate that data efficiently. With
e4Graph, you can arrange your data in the most natural form that
reflects the relationships between its parts, rather than having to
force it into a table-like format. The e4Graph library also allows you
to concentrate on the relationships you want to represent, and not on
how to store them in a database. You can modify data items, and add and
remove connections and relationships between pieces of data on the fly.
e4Graph allows you to represent an unlimited number of different
connections between pieces of data, and your program can selectively
manipulate the data according to the relationships it cares about, not
having to know about other connections represented in the data set. The
e4Graph package also provides bindings in several other languages,
currently Tcl and Java, and allows input/output of object graphs via an
XML representation.

The e4Graph package is built on top of Metakit 2.4.8 and also depends on
Expat 1.95.5.


Downloads: http://www.*-*-*.com/
Homepage: http://www.*-*-*.com/
Changelog: http://www.*-*-*.com/
Installation: http://www.*-*-*.com/


The Tcl binding has been rewritten in terms of Tcl_Obj objects
throughout, and it now uses Tcl stubs so it's portable between Tcl
versions. These changes mean that reference management is now the job of
the Tcl binding and no longer your job as the user of the extension. One
side effect is that the 'dispose' operation has become a no-op, and
objects disappear silently when the Tcl program no longer refers to them.

Thu, 23 Jun 2005 15:10:48 GMT  
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