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 tcl/tk PGP interface


I've written a tk 4.* gui frontend to the PGP program that I find very
useful for most of my PGP tasks. If anyone is interested in trying it
out, and/or making suggestions or adding improvements please contact

Here are some snippets from the README and NOTES file that describe what
it is about:

From "NOTES":

>>> Keep an Eye on the Clipboard <<<

 The motivation behind this program is the following. Rather than wait
 for PGP support in your web-browser, mail program, news reader, etc,
 or to switch to other ones with PGP support, continue to use your current
 readers and let "tkpgp" be your "PGP helper program".

 For this to be convienient there should be as little typing as possible.
 Message input (e.g. an encrypted message) can be given to "tkpgp" by
 pasting in from the clipboard or by using a gui file open dialog.
 This file open dialog browser has C-shell like Ctrl-D and Esc/TAB
 filename completion to reduce typing even further.

 On the output side, "tkpgp" tries to be smart and place text in the
 clipboard you will likely want to paste into your "web/mail/news
 reader". For example, a signed message you have just created.

From "README":

This is a program that provides a gui front end to the
Pretty Good Privacy(tm) Public-key encryption system.

It works for PGP version 2.6.2, and most likely with other versions
as well, but I haven't been able to test them. PGP needs to be
installed on your system with "pgp" in your PATH somewhere.

It also requires tcl/tk's wish version 4.0 or higher. 4.2 preferably.

It has been written to detect the operating system it is running on with
the intent for it work under Win95 or even Win3.1, and some aspects do
work on those systems, but for now it only really usable on Unix + X11.
It was developed on Linux.


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