Please HELP: spawn telnet error in Expect 
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 Please HELP: spawn telnet error in Expect

I had written this email a couple of months ago and didn't receive any
response. Any help would be appreciated!

I am facing a problem with spawn telnet in TCL 8.0 with Expect 5.21 in
Win 2000 environment (666 MHz w/ 256 MB of RAM). I am trying to telnet
to a router 5000 times continuously. For some reason, telnet fails
after 1961 times. Just to make sure that nothing is wrong with the
router, I tried the same test in Sun Solaris Environment. The test
passed in Solaris (it was able to telnet 5000 times). But, it fails
after 1961th telnet every time in Win 2000 environment.
Below is the snapshot of the script. I got "case: Connected" 1961 times
and "case: timed out" for the rest of the times. I don't get any
spawnErrors. expect_out(buffer) is not defined on timeout. And
reproducing this error takes couple of hours since it has to telnet so
many times (any idea on how i can reproduce it faster?). The error only
occurs if i try to telnet more than 1961 times in ONE tcl process. Has
anyone seen this problem before? What could be going on?

Any ideas, alternatives, help will be appreciated.


p.s. the script:

if [catch {spawn telnet} spawnError] {
    puts "error: $spawnError"


sleep 2
expect {
    "connection refused" {
puts "case: connection refused"
    "unknown host" {
puts "case: unknown host"
    "Connection closed" {
puts "case: Connection closed"
    "Connected" {
puts "case: Connected"
    timeout {
puts "case: timed out"
puts "expect_out(buffer) is $expect_out(buffer)"


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Sun, 15 Jun 2003 01:01:22 GMT  
 Please HELP: spawn telnet error in Expect
I'm not sure what you wonna do, but I'm think the problem is not Win 2000...
it's a machine's problem... 1961 telnet sessions opened!!! Do you need more

Asier Burgoa Gonzlez

niac, Sistemas Informticos S.A.
+34 941 28 28 28

Sun, 15 Jun 2003 02:11:13 GMT  
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