Problems using an array within another array 
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 Problems using an array within another array

 I have an array of global data called Globals and at the element called
entryInfo I want to put another array keyed by entry widget pathnames:
I tried to do it like this:

# First initialize it with an array ...
        set x(null) 0
        set Globals(entryInfo) x

# Then set elements ...
    set $Globals(entryInfo)(.frame.entryA)  ABC

# Then at the same scope level, I can retrieve the value "ABC" like this:

        set value [set  $Globals(entryInfo)(.frame.entryA)]

This works, though very cumbersome. But if I then call the following
simple proc, I then get an error because the array x was also not declared

proc p {} {
  global Globals
  set value [set  $Globals(entryInfo)(.frame.entryA)]
  puts stdout $value


# When p is invoked ...
#Error: can't read "x(.frame.entryA)": no such variable

I understand why I get the error, but I don't want to have to declare the
second array global!

  Is there a better way of setting up and using arrays within global arrays?
(I can't seem to use a keyed-list here because the key, ".frame.entryA" gets
misinterpreted as having sub-fields.)

Jerry Liebelson

Fri, 22 Mar 1996 23:41:53 GMT  
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