On Windows, don't use a maximize box if the Windows is not resizable 
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 On Windows, don't use a maximize box if the Windows is not resizable

On Windows, if a window is not resizable (because of a call to wm
resizable), there is really no reason to have a maximize box or a
sizing frame.  In fact, it's better to omit them, because they suggest
to Windows users that the window can be resized, even though it can't.

The appended patch makes this change in Tk8.0p2.  It should also apply
to Tk8.1a2.

Ian Taylor

*** /5g/ian/tk8.0p2/win/tkWinWm.c       Fri Oct 31 12:57:07 1997
--- tkWinWm.c   Wed Apr 15 15:52:20 1998
*************** UpdateWrapper(winPtr)
*** 668,673 ****
--- 668,678 ----
            wmPtr->exStyle = EX_TOPLEVEL_STYLE;

+       if ((wmPtr->flags & WM_WIDTH_NOT_RESIZABLE)
+           && (wmPtr->flags & WM_HEIGHT_NOT_RESIZABLE)) {
+           wmPtr->style &= ~ (WS_MAXIMIZEBOX | WS_SIZEBOX);
+       }
         * Compute the geometry of the parent and child windows.

Sun, 01 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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