Hardcoded non-system-default font in msgbox.tcl 
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 Hardcoded non-system-default font in msgbox.tcl

Tk 8.0.3 Request:  Generated by Scriptics' bug entry form at


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Submitted by:  Akos Polster
OperatingSystem:  HP-UX
OperatingSystemVersion:  10.20
Extensions:  [incr Tcl], TclX
CustomShell:  No.
Synopsis:  Hardcoded non-system-default font in msgbox.tcl

Remove the explicit font specification
from msgbox.tcl

*** msgbox.tcl.old      Tue Nov 17 12:52:07 1998
--- msgbox.tcl.new      Tue Nov 17 12:52:52 1998
*** 161,169 ****

      option add *Dialog.msg.wrapLength 3i widgetDefault
      label $w.msg -justify left -text $data(-message)
-     catch {$w.msg configure -font \
-               -Adobe-Times-Medium-R-Normal--*-180-*-*-*-*-*-*
-     }
      pack $w.msg -in $w.top -side right -expand 1 -fill both -padx 3m -pady 3m
      if {$data(-icon) != ""} {
        label $w.bitmap -bitmap $data(-icon)
--- 161,166 ----


Sat, 12 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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