Query -- Y2K issues in "legacy" Tcl/Tk (not in FAQ) 
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 Query -- Y2K issues in "legacy" Tcl/Tk (not in FAQ)

I just began a contract involving Y2K compliance for a mission-critical
application set that makes extensive use of Tcl7.3/TclX7.3/Tk3.6.  The
client is unlikely to upgrade in the near future.

The FAQ states that "...versions of Tcl (pre 7.5) have no clock specific
commands, and so have no Year 2000 problems.  It is recommended that users
of Tcl 7.5 or newer upgrade to at least Tcl 7.6p2, where the Tcl clock
command has been patched..."

I'm assuming that the 7.5 clock commands were imported from (or inspired by)
TclX, so that all versions of TclX up to that point are Y2K-unsafe.  If
true, are patches available?  If not, will studying the 7.6p2 changes tell
me what I need to do?

As for Tcl source code: does anyone know of "usage at risk" commands (a la C
str[fp]time) other than fmtclock and convertclock?

Many thanks,

Jonathan Ross                     consultant, UNIX systems specialist

Sat, 08 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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