(OT) Configuring TCP/IP related timeouts 
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 (OT) Configuring TCP/IP related timeouts

Hello out there,
I know it's OT, but this news group has so many knowledgable and
helpful people that I give it a try.

Client side: I request a URL from a remote server. This results in a
TCP/IP packet being sent out. I see this packet, because I am catching
them all via a 'tap' interface and then send them complicated ways.
This is repeated several times with intervals of 3 to 5 seconds  (I
assume because no answer arrived yet - we are building an awfully slow
Q1: How do I extend this interval to something like 15 seconds on

Server side: Eventually the GET arrives at the server (the mini server
from http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) which [puts] the data out to the
channel/socket. A first packet of size 150 containing the beginning of
the wanted data leaves the server, and eventually arrives at the
client. The client now sends another packet of size 52 - I assume it
is a request to the server
        'go ahead, send next packet'
but no more data is sent out from the server.
My assumption is, that the server has timed out and has discarded the
rest of the data.
Q2: Is this a plausible assumption or might there be another reason
for the server to not continue?
Q3: If the assumption is at least worth a try, how could I extend this
timeout period on the server (this is Linux, too)?

Any help on this will be greatly appriciated. Oh, I don't know much
about Linux, so please don't omit any of those details which
"everybody just knows".
Best regards
Helmut Giese

Sat, 12 May 2007 00:13:37 GMT  
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