ANNOUNCE: mkWidgets 1.3, mkHttpd 1.0, mkTulip 1.0, mkZiplib 1.0, mkGeneric 1.3 
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 ANNOUNCE: mkWidgets 1.3, mkHttpd 1.0, mkTulip 1.0, mkZiplib 1.0, mkGeneric 1.3

Please see http://www.*-*-*.com/
Hopefully this can move to SourceForge soon...

mkWidgets 1.3 (Update):
A metawidget construction kit plus a collection of metawidgets in pure Tcl.
Primarily a bugfix release, no significant functional enhancements.  Thanks
a lot to all who contributed! For changes please see
http://www.*-*-*.com/ #changes.

mkHttpd 1.0 (New):
An HTTP server in pure Tcl. By way not as feature-rich as the official
tclhttpd package, but very small (450 lines). Designed to be embedded into
applications. Comes with a sandbox concept and its "own" server-side
language, TSP (Tcl Server Pages). Similar to ASP it allows to interweave Tcl
and HTML. See

mkTulip 1.0 (New):
A very little package written in plain C that allows to process arithmetic
and logical expressions with very large integers. No 32 or 64 bit boundaries
and such. Conceptually similar to Unix' "bc" utility. See
http://www.*-*-*.com/ #examples for
how to use it.

mkZiplib 1.0 (New):
A wrapper around zlib 1.1.3 and minizip 0.15. Lets you create, read and
write *.gz and *.zip files on both Windows and Unix platform. Tested on NT,
95 and Linux 2.4. You'll need zlib 1.1.3, but that's free and really easy to
compile. For Windows, the  zlib DLL is included. See

mkGeneric 1.3 (Update):
Simply a collection of useful new commands, written in C. Provides new list
commands and loop types, a very flexible "try" command for Java-like
exception handling, and other things. New in 1.3 is some encryption stuff.
For changes, see
http://www.*-*-*.com/ #changes

Tue, 30 Dec 2003 21:14:23 GMT  
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