clock scan [clock format [clock seconds]] fails 
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 clock scan [clock format [clock seconds]] fails

Tcl 8.1 Bug:  Generated by Scriptics' bug entry form at
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Submitted by:  Michael Carter
OperatingSystem:  Windows 95
Extensions:  None
CustomShell:  None
Synopsis:  clock scan [clock format [clock seconds]] fails

    clock scan [clock format [clock seconds]]

    The above used to work. Now I get
    unable to convert date-time string "Mon May 03 20:49:17 GMT Daylight
    Time 1999"

    I can work around this using the -format option to cut out the GMT
    Daylight Time

    clock scan [clock format [clock seconds]]  should, I think, always work
    as long as your computer date is after the epoch

Fri, 19 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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