Tk system fonts don't match actual system fonts 
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 Tk system fonts don't match actual system fonts

Tk 8.2 Bug:  Generated by Scriptics' bug entry form at
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Submitted by:  Shaun Lowry
OperatingSystem:  Windows NT
OperatingSystemVersion:  NT4 SP4
Machine:  Compaq Armada 7400 laptop, also other desktop systems
Extensions:  none
Synopsis:  Tk system fonts don't match actual system fonts

label .a -text File
label .b -text File -font system
label .c -text File -font systemmenu
pack .a .b .c

When the above script is run on Windows NT 4 SP4, label .a is displayed in {{MS Sans Serif} 8}, which matches the default menu/messagebox text as seen in the system display properties control panel applet, whereas .b and .c both get displayed in fonts which don't match any font on this applet.

Tk "system defined" fonts should match those that are system defined - for my particular system this means that at least "systemmenu" should equate to {{MS Sans Serif} 8}

    I'm using the prowish82 supplied with TclPro1.3.  This also happens
    under prowish80 supplied with TclPro1.2

Sat, 05 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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