tcl/tk man pages use .HS, not .TH for title, so man -k does not work 
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 tcl/tk man pages use .HS, not .TH for title, so man -k does not work

At least on the SunOS 4 and 5 systems that I've install tcl on this is

On SunOS, makewhatis assumes that the title of a man page can be found
in the .TH macro. The makewhatis script calls /usr/lib/getNAME. It
seems as though the only thing getNAME dones (it's a binary) is to
spit out the .TH line. One could replace getNAME with a program that
spit out the .TH line and/or the .HS line (changing .HS to .TH on the

Another alternative is to use the perl man page package, but it has
troubles with some of the openwin man page formats, so I'd just as
soon leave the man command alone for now.

Has anyone tried this, or have another suggestion?



Wed, 25 Dec 1996 03:18:31 GMT  
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