Expect spawn error handling 
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 Expect spawn error handling


I am writing a n expect script that calls tip(). The lines in question
look like this: (mostly out of the "Exploring Expect" book.)

        # Connect to a modem via tip()
        if [catch "spawn tip $dialer" reason] {
           send_user "Tip failed: $reason\n"
           exit 1

This works well if there is success or a exec problem, but sometimes the
modem is in use by another process and tip dies right away with the error

   lock open: Permission denied
   all ports busy

(this is from running tip at the csh command prompt)

When the expect script runs into this, expect dies with the message:

    spawn tip test_line1
    lock open: Permission denied
    all ports busy
    send: invalid spawn id (5)
    while executing
    "send "AT\r""
    (procedure "connect" line 5)

How can I collect the 2 tip() error messages ("lock open: Permission denied"
and "all ports busy"), parse them and do the appropriate thing? ...like
sleep 5 minutes and try again 3 or 4 time before giving up with an
appropriate message?

I have yet to find anything that works.

Thanks in advance for any and all help,
Steve Freed.

Tue, 30 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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