list contains and tip 133 
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 list contains and tip 133

In TIP 133

it is mentioned:
Inclusion of a value in a list is frequently tested with the construct

   if {[lsearch -exact $list $value] >= 0} {...}

The proposal, first brought by Reinhard Max in the Tcl Chatroom, is to
allow an in operator in the language understood by [expr], and the
condition parts of [for], [if] and [while], so that the above can be
written as

   if {$value in $list} {...}

This is shorter to type and much better to read.

What about just extending the lsearch command to understand

lsearch -contains $list $value

and return 0 or 1 accordingly?



Tue, 27 Sep 2005 03:06:07 GMT  
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