wish process locks up explorer tool bar 
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 wish process locks up explorer tool bar

Tk 8.3.2 Bug:  Generated by Ajuba's bug entry form at
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Submitted by:  Jason Liu
OperatingSystem:  Windows NT
OperatingSystemVersion:  wish.exe  version 8.3.2
Machine:  Dell Dimention XPS, single CPU, NT4.0 pack 6
Extensions:  N/A
CustomShell:  N/A
Synopsis:  wish process locks up explorer tool bar

When running wish in background with the -nowindow option on NT4.0 (pack 6), if user press down the windows button(the button that has the MS windows icon on it) and then press key 'E' to start NT explorer, the Start button on the toolbar gets frozen, user cannot start other windows by clicking on the windows icon on the tool bar. The NT explorer.exe version is 4.7 or above. If user tries to start NT explorer by clicking Start|Programs|Windows NT Explorer, the same thing happens. If user kill the wish process from task manager, all the queued up commands get executed by NT. But, when wish is running in windows mode, everything works fine.

The result of locking up the NT windows Tool bar makes the user starting other applications difficult.

wish process, when running with -nowindow option, should not conflict with NT explorer.



    Is there another option (such as command line argument) to fix this

Fri, 28 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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