In need of a TKperl book or on-line tutorial quickly 
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 In need of a TKperl book or on-line tutorial quickly

Salutations!  (well, it's original)
        I am a programmer working now on a project to aid system  
admministration tasks by scanning the logs produced by firewalls, and  
making a nice graphically oriented interface for those seeking  
information.  I've decided to use perl for the actual scanning tasks, but,  
because TKperl came to my attention recently, it seemed to be the ultimate  
tool for the task.  However, I really am not sure how to go about  
programming the TK end of it with relation to the perl stuff.  
        Anyway, I'm looking for some kind of book or tutorial to make my  
life a little easier.  If anyone out there knows of one, please let me  
know quickly.  Thanks!
        Oh--forgot to metion that I've looked at the mini-tutorial  
(postscript files) that was made from the lecture given by John Ousterhout  
at UCal Berkely.  But, I wasn't actually there, so the files provide  
little more than a brief outline of Tcl stuff.  
        Thanks in advance for all the help.

Sat, 25 Jan 1997 23:05:45 GMT  
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