Removing widgets from frames, why frames don't resize to 0x0 
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 Removing widgets from frames, why frames don't resize to 0x0

I have an application that I have a frame that contains some
widgets.  I have to pack and unpack the widgets from the frame and
was having problems with the unpacking of the last widget.  When I
unpack the last widget, the frame will not resize to 0x0.  

The fix that I have put into place currently is that I force the
size of the frame to be 0x1 each time a widget is removed.  That
way when the last widget is removed it's resized to 0x1.  When
there is a widget removed and it's not the last widget the resize
to 0x1 has no effect.

The other fix I thought of was if I knew when the last widget was
removed and the first widget was packed I would be able to pack
and unpack the frame respectfully.  I don't have a counter for the
number of widgets packed so I didn't think this was as good.

Why is this a problem?  Why are frames not able to be resized to

John Holtz

Thu, 02 Jan 1997 23:09:43 GMT  
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