ANNOUNCE: Oratcl 4.0 is released. 
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 ANNOUNCE: Oratcl 4.0 is released.

The newest version of Oratcl has been released.  If you are
looking for new features, this is where you want to be.

Major points of interest
        * 4.0 is thread safe
        * 4.0 supports asynchronous database interaction
        * 4.0 handles new oracle 9i datatypes
        * 4.0 is not backwards compatible with 3.X or 2.X
                the most serious changes are
                * no oramsg array (use oramsg command instead)
                * totally new orafetch syntax.

Where do you get it?



Version 4.0 December, 2001

    *   Thanks to Dionisios Pothos and Grid Intelligent Systems Ltd, UK
        for their financial sponsorship of this upgrade.

    -   **** oramsg **** array has been removed.  This is not backwards
        compatible.  The remaining values that were accessed through the
        oramsg array can be obtained with the new _oramsg_ command.
    -   Oratcl is now thread safe.
    -   Added new commands:
        oraparse - ::oratcl::oraparse - Oratcl_Parse()
        orabind  - ::oratcl::orabind  - Oratcl_Bind()
        oraexec  - ::oratcl::oraexec  - Oratcl_Exec()
        orabreak - ::oratcl::orabreak - Oratcl_Break()
        These commands operate in normal and async mode.
        These commands operate on either SQL or PL/SQL statements.
    -   The commands: orasql, orabindexec, and oraplexec have new internals
        built out of the primitives Oratcl_Parse, Oratcl_Bind and
        Oratcl_Sql is implemented with:
        Oratcl_Bindexec is implemented with:
        Oratcl_Plexec is implemented with:
    -   **** oraplexec **** no longer returns the bind values as a list,
        but rather returns the return code like orasql and orabindexec.
        Use orafetch to retrieve the binded columns.
    -   **** orafetch **** has a completely new API.  See the man page
        for details.  This is not backwards compatible.  Also see the
        test suite for examples.
    -   Oratcl now works in 64 bit solaris with 64 bit Oracle.
    -   Correct oradesc to continue describing synonyms until the base
        table is reached.  Added nested synonym test to oradesc.test.
        Thanks to Lawrence Little for the alert.
    -   Reduce dependency on autodetection of EOL i.e. '\0' by using
        actual string lengths as arguements instead of relying on -1
    -   Enabled proper behavior for new internal datatypes in Oracle 9i
        in the functions oradesc and oracols.  Since these types are
        defined in the 8i OCI files, this should be safe for all versions.
                INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH
                INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND
    -   Corrected a gaping memory leak in orafetch.  Use of the -dataarray
        option leaked memory for each column name or number used as the
        array hash.
    -   Correct a bug in the oraconfig command.  Attempting to query the
        fetchrows value incorrectly reports the bindsize.

    -   Correct a bug in the oralob command that prevented reading or
        writing a one character string.

    -   Add two new options to oraconfig:
            - numbsize : amount of space to allocate for the data returned
                         for number columns.  Default is 40.
            - datesize : amount of space to allocate for the data returned
                         for date columns.  Default is 75.
    -   Enable binding of clobs when compiled with Oracle 9i.

As always, a great place for examples is in the test suite (oratcl/test/*)

Windows binaries for Oracle 8i and 9i will be available soon


Todd M. Helfter
Database Analyst/Programmer
Purdue University

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