Summary: ? "puts -nonewline" not working 
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 Summary: ? "puts -nonewline" not working

The solution to the following is to add a "flush stdout" statement after the
puts statement.

Thanks to everyone who provided the feedback!



I have an expectk script that has several "puts -nonewline" statements
that look like the following:

        puts -nonewline "Enter some info here: "
        gets stdin some_var

The script has been working fine with an old version of the expectk binary
(Tcl7.4/Tk 4.0/Expect??), but it is not working well with newer versions
of expectk binaries (Tcl7.6/Tk4.2/Expect5.22 and Tcl8.0/Tk8.0/Expect5.24).

With the newer expectk binaries, as expected, the program pauses at the
puts/gets segment waiting for user input, but the string that is supposed
to be displayed by puts is not getting displayed!  As soon as I point the
script to use the old expectk, things work normally again.

My environment is Solaris 2.5.1 and CDE 1.1.

I did not find any relevant information that comes with the Tcl/Tk/Expect
source code.  I am pretty much out of ideas at this point, and would
appreciate any suggestions.

we can figure out this problem.


Fri, 17 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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