ANNOUNCE: The Dotfile Generator -- a configuration tool 
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 ANNOUNCE: The Dotfile Generator -- a configuration tool

What is the Dotfile Generator
The dotfile generator is a program which translates information
from checkboxes, entries, menus etc. to some sort of code (eg. Lisp, C,
the configuration language for the fvwm window manager, or any other
textual code).  This transformation is coded in modules, where the
programmer tells which element to be shown (a checkbutton, listbox
etc.) and give some help on each elements.  But he doesn't have to bother
about how to make a listbox, how to make the help available, or how to
bind keys.  You could say that this is a very specific and highlevel
programming language.
The Dotfile Generator uses Tcl/Tk, and makes all its feutures available
for the more advanced user, so it's in fact a very powerful tool.

Which Modules Exists
So far there exists only one module for the Dotfile Generator:
o Emacs
  A module, for the .emacs files.  I believe it should be a very big help
        for everyone except the very small crew of elisp gurus.  Let me give
        you a test:
        - How do you tell emacs not to change group privileges of files you edit?
        - How do you persuade emacs not to insert lines at the end of a file
          when you press down arrow at the last line
        - How do you change the prefix command for outline mode
        - How do you change indentation in html-helper-mode
        - How do you tell emacs where the TclX help files are located
        etc. etc.

o More to come
        I believe you will find lots of new modules as soon as people start
        using this program.  Why don't you make one yourself?!

        window manager fvwm.

See a Demo
To see some screen dumps of the program please refer to
<URL: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~blackie/dotfile/demos.html>

Where to get it
The Dotfile Generator is available for anonymous ftp from as /pub/dotfile/dotfile.tar.Z.
It will soon be uploaded to tcl contribution sites.

Tue, 11 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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