Icon manager applications? 
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 Icon manager applications?

I'm looking for an application or a package or something that might help me
do the following (I've browsed through the FAQ, but there are SOOO MANY
things listed, and the descriptions are not detailed enough to be able to
guess if it has what I'm looking for):

Draw a network (can be very simple in representation, just circles & lines
to connect them), and then click on the circles or lines to change properties
of individual nodes/links (circles/lines). I don't expect this code to
pre-exist, but if someone has code to pick up and move icons around, and
double click to activate some other function, that itself would be very
helpful. I can hack the line code myself.

I did some tcl and tk work about a year ago, but some of it is fuzzy now..
I've also done X11/Motif code, so I'm not afraid of a little X coding..

I would appreciate pointers to packages to check out, books to maybe look
at, etc..

I would also appreciate email, as I don't get a chance to read this group
very often.

Thanks in advance,
Mattias Hembruch
Mattias Hembruch, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
BASc Computer Engineering
MASc Candidate in Parallel & Distributed Systems Group

Sat, 17 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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