make test : 148 tests failed 
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 make test : 148 tests failed

Tk 8.1 Bug:  Generated by Scriptics' bug entry form at
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Submitted by:  Vladimir Kondratiev
OperatingSystem:  Linux (Red Hat 5.0+ on Intel)
OperatingSystemVersion:  5.2
Synopsis:  make test : 148 tests failed

    mkdir /tmp/3;cd /tmp/3; tar xzf /tmp/tcl8.1.tar.gz; tar xzf
    cd tcl8.1/unix && ./configure && make && make test
    cd tk8.1/unix && ./configure && make && make test

    tcl's 'make test' reports no errors, tk's 'make test' reports 148 failed

    I included 2 examples. 1-st (as most of others) provide just incorrect
    numbers regarding to window geometry, however 2-nd one is, I guess, more

    Just some of error messages:
    ==== listbox-4.6 ConfigureListbox procedure FAILED

    ==== Contents of test case:

        catch {destroy .l}

        # The following code (reset geometry, withdraw, etc.) is necessary

        # to reset the state of some window managers like olvwm under

        # SunOS 4.1.3.

        wm geom . 300x300


        wm geom . {}

        wm withdraw .

        listbox .l -font $fixed -width 15 -height 20

        pack .l


        wm deiconify .

        set x [getsize .]

        .l configure -setgrid 1


        list $x [getsize .]

    ---- Result was:

    115x348 15x20

    ---- Result should have been:

    115x328 15x20

    ==== listbox-4.6 FAILED

    ==== unixEmbed-6.2 EmbedGeometryRequest procedure, window changes size

    ==== Contents of test case:

        foreach w [winfo child .] {

            catch {destroy $w}


        frame .f1 -container 1 -width 200 -height 50

        place .f1 -width 200 -height 200

        dobg "set w1 [winfo id .f1]"

        dobg {

            eval destroy [winfo child .]

            toplevel .t1 -use $w1


        after 300 {set x done}

        vwait x

        dobg {

            bind .t1 <Configure> {lappend x {configure .t1 %w %h}}

            set x {}

            .t1 configure -width 300 -height 120


            list $x [winfo geom .t1]


    ---- Result was:

    bad window path name ".t1"

    ---- Result should have been:

    {{configure .t1 200 200}} 200x200+0+0

    ==== unixEmbed-6.2 FAILED

    Tests ended at Sun May 02 10:06:06 IDT 1999

    all.tcl:        Total   6341    Passed  5800    Skipped 393     Failed

    Sourced 83 Test Files.

    Files with failing tests: listbox.test text.test textDisp.test
    textWind.test unixEmbed.test

    Number of tests skipped for each constraint:

            2       altDisplay

            2       emptyTest

            44      macOnly

            11      macOrPc

            1       nonPOrtable

            98      nonPortable

            229     pcOnly

            4       pseudocolor

            1       secureServer

            1       userInteraction

    There is 70 Kb output 'make test' produces. It provides all error
    Could you please tell me how to send it? I consider it's impossible to
    put this file's contents in one of bug report form's fields.

Thu, 18 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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