tkCVS version 2.0 released 3.0 coming soon 
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 tkCVS version 2.0 released 3.0 coming soon

tkCVS is a Tk based graphical interface to the CVS configuration
management system.  It includes facilities for providing "user
friendly" names to modules and directories within the repository, and
provides a facility to interactively browse the repository looking for
modules and directories.

tkCVS release 2 is now available on


tkCVS release 3 will be there to replace it in about a week or two.  I
will make a full announcement about tkCVS release 3 when it is
available for download.  It appears that the process of moving files from
/tcl/incoming to /tcl/code is slower than I first thought.

Changes since tkCVS release 1:

-       Added tagging functions in the module browser, and in the
        directory browser.

-       Added export and patch options in the module browser.

-       Added a fix to support pre-existing module files not tabbed
        in the same way that tkCVS tabs its module files.

-       Branch tagging added in the module browser and the directory
        browser.  Branch tagging a file now updates that file automatically
        with the newly applied sticky tag.

-       Added About CVS option which shows the current CVS version number
        and license.

-       Added ability to update a file to a tag or a version number.

Changes that will be in version 3:

-       Can now print module report by name and the module tree.

-       There are now dialogs to search the modules database for
        module codes, module names, or keywords within a module.

-       There is now a global and a user level configuration file
        (tkcvs_def.tcl and ~/.tkcvs).



Tue, 12 Aug 1997 14:30:29 GMT  
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