File size for NTFS compressed directories 
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 File size for NTFS compressed directories

The "file size" command does not report the actual size of compressed
files on Win XP file systems.

dir *.ixf

02/02/2004  10:42 AM         5,869,722 ECRCLDS.ixf
                1 File(s)      5,869,722 bytes

% file size ECRCLDS.ixf

The windows "compact" command shows the actual size on disk.
C:\>compact ECRCLDS.ixf

  New files added to this directory will not be compressed.

   5869722 :   1830912 = 3.2 to 1 C ECRCLDS.ixf

Of 1 files within 1 directories
1 are compressed and 0 are not compressed.
5,869,722 total bytes of data are stored in 1,830,912 bytes.
The compression ratio is 3.2 to 1.

Obviously "file size" reports what "dir" sees but is there any Tcl
command that shows the NTFS compressed size?



Sat, 29 Jul 2006 09:53:09 GMT  
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