Scripted telnet sessions via gopher or www? 
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 Scripted telnet sessions via gopher or www?

> Some colleagues and I are attempting to develop a system to allow for scripted
> telnet sessions via infosystems like gopher and www, for instance, to take
> users through arcane logons to library catalogues.  There are over 2000 such
> scripts in circulation with systems like HYTELNET, BARD, and NETLINK.  A system
> in which clients pick up the scripts off of a server, disconnect, and then run
> the scripts out the local port would be ideal for two reasons.  First, the
> The client that executes the scripts should not be able to do things like
> delete all the files on the client computer; users should not be able to pop to
> a shell on a public client.

and later

> However, the script language should be powerful enough to provide vt100
> emulation, to display pop-up help on how to search a library catalogue, to
> redefine keys (so the backspace key works correctly or F1 does an author
> search), and to log sessions.  If-then-goto capability would also be useful.

and later

> Are there any other candidates for a scripting language?  Would it be
> satisfactory to ignore the security problems and use Kermit as is?  
> Does anyone have any experience with using comms programs as a "file viewer"
> for script files?

Perhaps you should take a peek at Tcl.  Tcl is intended to be a scripting
language that can easily be embedded into other applications.  In fact,
there is a great application called expect that is specifically intended
to interact with programs like ftp, telnet, etc.  Look in news.answers for
the comp.lang.tcl FAQs for pointers to the locations for source, doc, etc.

There are Tcl based gopher and WWW clients right now - seems ready to
plug in the kinds of things that you want.  The only problem is that the
ones right now use an X interface - but the actual protocol parts may be
able to be separated from the user interface.
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