Bug with frames in tk4.0? 
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 Bug with frames in tk4.0?

I ran into a funny problem with tk4.0 a couple of nights ago.  Basically,
I was using frames to force alignment on control in a window, and found
that the order in which I did the creation and packing of the various
elements affected whether or not they actually appeared on the screen.
That is, if I created a frame, packed it, created some buttons, and
backed them into them into the frame, I would get one result--but
if I created the frame, created the controls and packed them into the
frame, and then finally packed the frame into the window, I would get
another. This seems very counterintuitive to me, and I'm wondering if
it is a known tk bug, or just a "feature" I'm unaware of.

I do have the buggy code still around, but not reight here,

And oh, yes, this was under wish.

Ken McDonald

Tue, 06 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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