Interim version of jstools package available 
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 Interim version of jstools package available

I've added a lot of features to the text editor and associated
libraries over the last several months, but I haven't had a chance to
put together the documentation and make a real release.  Rather than
have the code sit in my home directory where only I can use it, I've
made an "interim non-release" of the tools available for FTP in

without documentation and in just the chaotic state it's in right now
in my working directory.

The changes are significant enough that you may find it worth getting,
even though it's not clean or documented.  In particular, the libraries
are getting to be large and interesting enough that you may want to
take a look at them even if you aren't interested in using the jstools
applications.  The jlibrary.tcl library has some significant new goodies,
including convenience routines for making panels of buttons, a file
selector dialogue box, and a search-and-replace panel.  There's also
a library for using multi-font text and one for setting up text bindings,
Emacs and otherwise.  Also, I've listed some directions I hope to
take the package in in a README file.  (For more on this, see a separate



BU Information Technology; 111 Cummington Street; Boston, MA 02115

Sun, 30 Jun 1996 08:11:05 GMT  
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