Using exec in DOS/Windows environment 
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 Using exec in DOS/Windows environment

I've been building a new tcl/tk application with v8.0p2 in a DOS/Win'95
environment. I want to run two outside programs together. One is another
interpreted language (OmniMark) and then I want to run the standard DOS
sort command on the output. I have an entry like follows:

        set info  [eval exec omle.exe -f {$parms_file}]

The above line has no problems finding the Omnimark interpreter from my
current path settings with no problem. If I change the entry to one of the

        set info  [eval exec omle.exe -f {$parms_file} | sort]
        set info  [eval exec omle.exe -f {$parms_file} | sort.exe]
        set info  [eval exec omle.exe -f {$parms_file} | c:/windows/command/sort.exe]
        set info  [eval exec omle.exe -f {$parms_file} | c:/ /c sort.exe]

I get an error indicating the file or path is not found on sort, sort.exe orr
the Even trying to just run sort by itself results in these
same errors.

Can anyone help explain the inconsistancy here?


Sun, 04 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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