exec, Windows 95 and Dos tools 
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 exec, Windows 95 and Dos tools

I'm running the most recent release (b2) of Tcl/Tk on a Windows 95 PC.
I'm having trouble with exec and some GNU ports of UNIX programs.

The problems seem to occur only when I don't dump the results
into files with the '>' operator, that is, when tclsh and wish
try to read from the pipe, and the child program has to write to
the pipe.  

When I run rlog and other RCS programs from wish, wish blocks on the
pipe and never finishes. It seems to work when I redirect the results
o files, because then it isn't reading from the pipe. Isn't Tcl
supposed to be smart about not blocking when reading from command

On the other hand, tclsh works with the RCS programs.

When I run the Unix-like programs (ls, which, cat, etc.), wish fails
like the above and blocks on the pipe. But when run with tclsh, the
child programs fail miserably. I get the {*filter*} DOS errors:

General failure reading device LP&?
Abort, Retry, Fail?

This suggests that the Unix tools don't work when they don't have a
console. Is this a Tcl problem - is it not creating the process
correctly? Or is it a problem with the port of the UNIX tools?
How should I change the tools so that they work with wish and

Also, it seems that many people that write DOS tools write output to
stderr instead of stdout. Why do they do this?

Sat, 22 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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