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 for unconditional make

I am making a painful transition from SGI's to SUN's and my favorite
"make -u" trick doesn't work on the SUN's. I was too lazy to read the
man pages and figure I can just write some TCL code to do what I want.
Here it is:


set target [lindex $argv 0]
set pipe [open "| make -P $target"]
gets $pipe

set parent($target) set

while {![eof $pipe]} {
    set files [split [gets $pipe] ": "]
    set child [lindex $files 0]
    if {[info exists parent($child)] && [file exists $child]} {
        puts "rm $child"
        exec rm $child
        unset parent($child)
    foreach p [lrange $files 1 end] {
        set parent($p) set




So if you name this script umake, then just do:

        % umake

It will force a re-generation of all the files on which depend
on (except your source code, of course). I am not 100% sure if the
code is correct. Beware that it may delete files randomly :-)

All disclaimers apply.


Wed, 25 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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